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Reduce Costs, Not Performance

Tuf-R® Performance Rated bags provide an economical and simple way for distributors and end users alike to lower their poly bag costs as high 47% without sacrificing performance. Tuf-R® brand bags are made and designed from a unique blend of resin that allows a thinner-gauged bag to achieve the strength, puncture resistance, and performance of a thicker and more expensive bag while even offering superior clarity. Even the thinnest Tuf-R® bag, which is .6 mil, is resilient enough to handle the same jobs otherwise reserved for bags that are 1 mil to 1¼ mil thick. Since we offer them in such a wide variety of sizes for Tuf-R® flat and gusset bags, they can be used to package almost anything from automotive parts, supplies, grains, foods, instruction manuals, to just about anything that will fit in them. Why pay a premium for a full 4 mil thick bag when a 2¾ mil Tuf-R® bag offers the same toughness and rugged performance at a significantly lower price?

In Summary, these bags provide:

  • Excellent strength that matches thicker-gauged bags
  • Crisp clarity due to special resin blend
  • Bottom-sealed to handle the toughest jobs
  • FDA compliant for use with food products
  • Bags 15”  and under are packed in individually-labeled and bar-coded dispenser packs of 100 bags each for convenience, cleanliness, and waste reduction
  • Fully recyclable with standard low density polyethylene (LDPE Recycle Symbol #4)

The Elkay Advantage: Packaging that Shows Quality

At Elkay Plastics, we take great pride in how our products are packaged. While this may sound confusing at first, let me explain further:

Many of our bags are packed in cartons or inner-packaging with individually labeled and bar-coded inner packs. This process helps give our customers confidence that they receive clean, durable, and organized products every time they buy Elkay products. Bar-coding and labeling of each inner pack helps account for each product and allows us to trace each product all the way back to its original manufacturing run. Our dispensing system improves our end users’ cost control, facilitates inventory management and minimizes waste. This all ties back in to our rigorous quality certification standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and annual Food Safety audits. What’s the point of going through so much effort to ensure seamless production processes and creating quality products if they’re going to be packaged in a messy and disorganized manner? Ask yourself this: If you were looking to buy bags, which product would you buy?

lf 9 x 12 x 002small

9 x 12 Bags from Leading Competitor


9 x 12 Bags from Elkay Plastics

Get Ready for Rainy Season with Umbrella Bags

Spring is in the air and the rainy season is well on its way. While rain can cause major and obvious problems such as flooding and slippery roads, it can also cause slippery floors which can lead to slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall accidents are often an afterthought for restaurant, store, and businesses owners, however, they can be exceptionally costly and create massive liabilities. A 2006 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics rated the average cost of a slip and fall injury at $28,000. Furthermore, a Center of Disease Control report found that 20 to 30% of slip and fall injuries are considered moderate to severe, meaning head injuries, fractures, and sprains. Out of all work-related injuries and workers’ compensation costs, 15% of them are attributed to slip and fall accidents. If the injuries, lost work time, and workers compensation claims were not bad enough by themselves, slip and fall accidents can also result in expensive, time-consuming and resource-draining lawsuits.umbrella_bag_stand-m

While not all slip and fall accidents are fully preventable, there are easy and economical measures businesses can take to protect customers, employees, and themselves. One simple and cheap way to keep floors dry is to use Umbrella Bags from Elkay Plastics. Umbrella Bags are a proven, convenient and economical way to help keep water off the floor during rainy weather. Keep them in lobbies, entrances, and other access points as a courtesy to patrons, guests and employees to place their umbrellas in during bouts of rain. Our Umbrella bags are made from strong and cost-effective high density polyethylene and are available in two sizes to fit a variety of umbrellas. The bags are on a convenient header pack that provides easy dispensing for the user and makes it easy to replenish the bags on the stand. Elkay umbrella bag header packs have 4 large holes on the sides and one in the center so they will be able to fit a variety of different hooks and stands, including our own. Elkay umbrella bags are a convenient and low cost way to protect your customers, employees, and your floors.




Gauge (mil)

Quantity Header/Case


Medium Umbrella Bag

7 x 24




Long Umbrella Bag

7 x 35




Umbrella Bag Stand

19 x 45



The Case for Water Soluble Laundry Bags

A recent article in Clean Link discusses a largely unnoticed problem in hospitals; the spread of bacteria in laundered towels. The spread of dangerous bacteria and pathogens causes Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) which, according to the Center of Disease Control, account for approximately 99,000 unnecessary deaths and tens of billions of dollars in costs annually in the US alone. While Hospital acquired infections are well-known and heavily documented, it is a new revelation that they could potentially be spread by towels thought to be clean.

Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist from University of Arizona, conducted a study of 10 Arizona hospitals on the spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens. Dr. Gerba collected three “clean” cloth towels from each hospital and analyzed them for the presence of bacteria. His findings were alarming, 93% of the laundered towels tested positive for dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli and Klebsiella among others.

Gerba pointed to inadequate laundering practices as one of the main culprits. According to Dr. Gerba: “If they’re folding these [laundered] towels, they need to make sure they disinfect the tables first. They could be taking their dirty laundry down and piling it on the table before putting it in the machine.” Gerba also explained that if a janitor or custodian has dirty hands from handling dirty laundry, they could be spreading the bacteria to clean laundry. He further elaborated that a janitor’s hands could get tainted when putting dirty laundry in the washer and then putting wet laundry in the dryer, which could infect the clean laundry.

Water soluble laundry bags, combined with hand washing and other best practices, can drastically reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens. Water soluble bags are made from non-toxic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that will fully dissolve in water at temperatures at 140º F or above. They include dissolvable ties to seal the bags once the laundry is placed inside. When using water soluble bags, janitorial staff will not have to come in direct contact with dirty laundry and will be able to place the bag with the contaminated laundry directly in the washer, preventing the staff from becoming contaminated. The bags, which can hold wet or damp laundry for several hours, will not damage drains or sewer systems, and are environmentally friendly, leaving behind no residue. Water soluble bags, in combination with other best practices, are an inexpensive and logical product for any hospital or long term care clinic. They provide a low cost solution that will help reduce the spread of Hospital acquired infections, which results in healthier, happier patients and significantly lower costs.

Check out Elkay’s selection of Water Soluble Bags:

Item #       Product Name    Size


Case Pack

WSB2633 26 x 33 Water Soluble Bag 26 X 33 .8 mil         100    CS
WSB2839 28 x 39 Water Soluble Bag 28 X 39 .8 mil         100    CS
WSB3639 36 x 39″ Water Soluble Bag 36 X 39 .8 mil         100    CS