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How Clear Packaging Can Help Grow Impulse Sales

image012Clear packaging can be used to improve the visibility, image and drive impulse sales of products leading to an increase in sales and net profits. Researchers have found that the transparency of food packaging does influence purchase decisions in positive ways depending on the size, visual appeal and healthiness of the food it contains. But when these same items are placed in white or craft paper packaging, the foods visual attractiveness has little overall effect on influencing purchases.

Retailers spend millions of dollars annually on advertising campaigns to encourage consumers to purchase more of their featured products. Packaging, however, is less expensive and, in some ways, can provide a more effective approach to driving consumer purchases. Consumers are looking for fast service, fresh ingredients and portability in choosing a meal solution. Clear packaging improves the visibility of product quality and drives sales.

Elkay’s “Fast Take” concept puts this idea to task by providing foodservice operators with a consumer preferred meal solution that meets the growing Grab-N-Go meal trend and customer preference for an easy to see, easy to buy meal option. The Fast Take solution consist of: A sandwich wrapped in BOPP or a small sub sandwich in a lip and tape bag, a cookie in a lip and tape cookie bag, a fruit (apple or banana), a bag of chips and a drink option (bottled water, juice, etc.) all placed in Elkay’s clear loop handled bag.  Easy to see, easy to buy and easy to carry out!image012

At the heart of the ‘Fast Take’ program is an elegant new polypropylene bag with convenient and sturdy loop handles that serves as a carrying bag for the purchased items and a sturdy and elegant lunch bag. The bag is robust enough to be reused several times, and at the end of its life is completely recyclable.

‘Fast Take’ can help increase sales by encouraging customers to purchase a complete meal such as a sandwich, chips, a drink and a piece of fruit or desert item rather than just one or two of those items. Operators who don’t offer grab and go food are missing out on fantastic sales opportunities. The “spend opportunity” gap for customers has been estimated to be as high as 92%, meaning that there’s potential to increase the spending of nearly every customer that walks in the door! The fast food industry learned the value of the ‘Combo Meal’ decades ago. ‘Fast Take’ helps foodservice operators put this concept to work for them as well with a low cost system to bundle drink, sandwich and snack in an attractive and handy package that appeals to the customer’s need for convenience and value.