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New Tagline Announcement

Your business, our bags, problem solved. Does that sound familiar? It might because the phrase has been Elkay’s tagline going for 9 years. It’s got a nice ring to it and it’s undoubtedly catchy, but what does it tell our customers about Elkay? Does it illustrate the value and services that Elkay brings to its customers everyday?

Your business, our bags, problem solved has served us well over the years, but as Elkay has grown and evolved, it’s only right that our tagline follows. Over the last few months, we polled a few select customers to create a tagline that represents the strong relationship between Elkay and its customers and the value Elkay provides to them. After a large variety of tagline samples to choose from and many customer surveys, we selected the tagline that customers said resonates the most with them.

We are proud to announce that going forward Elkay’s new tagline will be “The right partner for YOUR success!”. It is a tagline that matches our corporate culture and exemplifies to our customers that they are more than just business associates; that their success is important to us as is our own. We look forward to being your partner that helps bring you success for years to come.


C-Stores Reached Record Sales in 2013

U.S. convenience stores reached record in-store sales in 2013, with sales climbing 2.4% to $204 billion. Combined with motor fuels sales of $491.5 billion, overall convenience store sales were $695.5 billion, according to figures released recently by the NACS.

The c-store industry’s in-store sales have seen rapid growth over the last decade, as consumers seek out more food and beverages on the go. In-store sales in 2013 were led by continued growth in foodservice up 2.4%. Convenience stores also account for 34.3% of all retail outlets in the United States, according to Nielsen, which is significantly higher than the U.S. total of other retail channels including drugstores (41,378 stores), supermarkets (37,459 stores) and dollar stores (24,853 stores).

Beyond sales, convenience stores are an important part of the economy. They employed 2.2 million people and generated $174.5 billion in federal, state and local taxes in 2013. Overall, convenience stores sales represent one out of every 25 dollars of the entire $17.4 trillion U.S. gross domestic product.

Here’s how in-store sales were broken down in 2013:

• Tobacco (cigarettes and other tobacco products): 37.0% of in-store sales
• Foodservice (prepared and commissary food; hot, cold and dispensed beverages): 18.0%
• Packaged beverages (soda, alternative beverages, sports drinks, juices, water, teas, etc.): 15.5%
• Center of the store (candy; sweet, salty and alternative snacks): 9.9%
• Beer: 7.9%
• Other: 11.7%

Meanwhile, foodservice was the category that drove profits, accounting for 29.1% of gross profit dollars. Packaged beverages were second, accounting for 19.6% of gross profit dollars.

New Products: Safe Handling Bags on Plastic Header

In order to provide added convenience to our end users, we are proud to introduce our new safe handling bags packed on handy plastic headers. To make life easier for butchers, meat department staff, and kitchen staff, our bags feature a perforated tear line that allows staff to place meat inside the bag, quickly tear off the filled bag and then repeat the process with the next bag. The rigid plastic header has a large space that allows it to hang from a wide variety of different hooks and stands. The bags are made from strong and durable 1.5 mil low density polyethylene that can hold large quantities of meat without tearing and will ward off any leaks. Each bag is printed with meat safe handling instructions and cooking instructions in both English and Spanish to promote best practices in the kitchen. For more information and free samples, contact your dedicated Elkay Sales Consultant or fill in our sample request form:

  • Printed with safe handling and cooking guidelines for various meats and poultry in both header_pak_safe_handling-mEnglish and Spanish
  • Meet FDA Requirements for use in food applications
  • Made from strong low density polyethylene that prevents leaks and tears
  • On plastic header for speed and convenience
  • 100 bags per header
  • Plastic header is designed to be hanged

Ready to order? Just click on the links below and add the items to your shopping cart:

 Item                            Description                                         Size       Gauge (mil)   Qty/Case

SFH0915 Printed Safe Handling Bags on Plastic Header 9 x 15 1.5 1000
SFH1218 Printed Safe Handling Bags on Plastic Header 12 x 18 1.5 1000