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The Elkay Advantage: Packaging that Shows Quality

At Elkay Plastics, we take great pride in how our products are packaged. While this may sound confusing at first, let me explain further:

Many of our bags are packed in cartons or inner-packaging with individually labeled and bar-coded inner packs. This process helps give our customers confidence that they receive clean, durable, and organized products every time they buy Elkay products. Bar-coding and labeling of each inner pack helps account for each product and allows us to trace each product all the way back to its original manufacturing run. Our dispensing system improves our end users’ cost control, facilitates inventory management and minimizes waste. This all ties back in to our rigorous quality certification standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and annual Food Safety audits. What’s the point of going through so much effort to ensure seamless production processes and creating quality products if they’re going to be packaged in a messy and disorganized manner? Ask yourself this: If you were looking to buy bags, which product would you buy?

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9 x 12 Bags from Leading Competitor


9 x 12 Bags from Elkay Plastics

Sales Tip: Know Your Customer Before You Call on Them

You can learn a great deal about a new customer before you meet with them.  The first meeting with a potential customer often carries a long way in being able to build a strong, lasting relationship them. Below are some quick and easy steps to help in preparation for that important first meeting with a new customer:


Research the customer – If the customer has a website, and most do, take the time to study it. Read their mission statement and get to know their products and service offerings. A website, as a public-facing domain, can be a treasure trove of information of what the customer wants the public to know about them. When you visit the customer, instead of saying “Tell me about your business” – rephrase it as, “Based on what I researched, your company is involved in X, Y and Z.  I would be interested in hearing your perspective in recent successes and challenges.”

Research as ‘input’ not ‘output’ – As an extension to the above, do not conclude on what a customer does, simply by research. It is important to ask the customer about their perspective, since it is often more detailed (and sometimes, rather different) than a web based report.

Make a list of key questions – The objective of the first meeting is to come away with a greater understanding of the customer’s current situation along with ideas for developing a business solution presentation for your next meeting.  Ask questions that will lead you where you want to go, write them down, and use it as your road map during the meeting.

The more you know about your customers, the more effective your sales and marketing efforts will be. It’s well worth making the effort to find out: who they are, what they buy and why they buy it.  Strong sales are driven by emphasizing the benefits that your product or service brings to your customers. If you know the challenges that face them up front, it’s much easier to offer them solutions.

Get Ready for Rainy Season with Umbrella Bags

Spring is in the air and the rainy season is well on its way. While rain can cause major and obvious problems such as flooding and slippery roads, it can also cause slippery floors which can lead to slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall accidents are often an afterthought for restaurant, store, and businesses owners, however, they can be exceptionally costly and create massive liabilities. A 2006 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics rated the average cost of a slip and fall injury at $28,000. Furthermore, a Center of Disease Control report found that 20 to 30% of slip and fall injuries are considered moderate to severe, meaning head injuries, fractures, and sprains. Out of all work-related injuries and workers’ compensation costs, 15% of them are attributed to slip and fall accidents. If the injuries, lost work time, and workers compensation claims were not bad enough by themselves, slip and fall accidents can also result in expensive, time-consuming and resource-draining lawsuits.umbrella_bag_stand-m

While not all slip and fall accidents are fully preventable, there are easy and economical measures businesses can take to protect customers, employees, and themselves. One simple and cheap way to keep floors dry is to use Umbrella Bags from Elkay Plastics. Umbrella Bags are a proven, convenient and economical way to help keep water off the floor during rainy weather. Keep them in lobbies, entrances, and other access points as a courtesy to patrons, guests and employees to place their umbrellas in during bouts of rain. Our Umbrella bags are made from strong and cost-effective high density polyethylene and are available in two sizes to fit a variety of umbrellas. The bags are on a convenient header pack that provides easy dispensing for the user and makes it easy to replenish the bags on the stand. Elkay umbrella bag header packs have 4 large holes on the sides and one in the center so they will be able to fit a variety of different hooks and stands, including our own. Elkay umbrella bags are a convenient and low cost way to protect your customers, employees, and your floors.




Gauge (mil)

Quantity Header/Case


Medium Umbrella Bag

7 x 24




Long Umbrella Bag

7 x 35




Umbrella Bag Stand

19 x 45