The Clear Solution for Catering

From the packaging of school breakfast for summer schools, providing lunch on the go for a golf outing, to a prepared picnic meal for a community event, the TO6484 clear loop handle bag is the perfect choice for catering. We recently showed two school districts why the TO6484 is a fitting solution for their catering needs.

The Situation
The first school district was searching for a better solution for packaging their student lunches for school field trips. They were using a traditional cardboard carton to pack the lunches in. This resulted in three problems: 1) Students constantly opening boxes to see contents 2) Boxes were difficult for smaller students to carry 3) They took up too much space in waste receptacles.

The second school district had a different challenge; they were seeking a better way to provide a takeout package for their summer school breakfast program. Students attending summer school arrive early and are provided a breakfast that they take to their assigned rooms to eat. The school was using a craft paper bag. Again, students opened the bag in the halls trying to see their items and the bags did not offer an “easy carry” option.

The Solution
The TO6484 presented both school districts with the best solution! The clear bags provided students with the ability to see their meal items, the handles were perfect for carrying, and as a bonus, while the bags take up less waste receptacle space then the boxes, they are fully recyclable and could be saved and re-used by students to carry other items!

Elkay’s unique take out bag presents a stylish packaging alternative to traditional boxes and paper bags. It offers the advantages of strength, exceptional clarity for product presentation, and strong handles for easy carrying. Look at the options below and decide which package is the clear choice?