How Grocers Can Market to Shoppers and Provide Meaningful Solutions

Promotions such as discounts, coupons, and relevant special offers have long withstood the test of time with Grocery retailers, but are they truly what their customers are looking for? According to a recent article in Supermarket News, discounts and offers can help, but the modern shopper is looking for more. The age of mobile devices, social media and new technology has introduced the theme of making life convenient, easier, and more personalized for the consumer. Customers are individuals with unique interests and lifestyles and are looking for custom-tailored solutions that will save them time and make their lives easier.

A recent study by Genia Chechersky from emnos, a consumer insight consulting firm, found delithat 64% of customers want more relevant content from their grocers and 83% feel that their grocer is not providing enough resources or solutions that cater to their unique lifestyles. Many shoppers are less interested in what’s on sale and more interested in how to prepare a healthy meal for a family of four as quickly as possible. Some shoppers or their family members may have dietary restrictions and want ideas for quick meals built around the special diet. By providing education, tips and relevant information, Grocery retailers can market to customers with content that matters to them. Giving recipe ideas, wellness tips, advice, and best practices are a few simple and easy ways grocers can resonate with shoppers.

Grocers can also directly market to their shoppers by introducing new products and concepts that will help save their customers time, energy, and reduce hassle in their busy sushilives. In the 1990s and early 2000s, grocery retailers learned that they can help market to their customers as well as drastically grow their meat, seafood, produce and deli sales by providing items such as pre-marinated meats, fresh sushi, personalized salads (from salad bars), and custom made-to-order deli sandwiches. Grocers already had meat, seafood, produce and deli meats and cheeses available for sale by themselves and they capitalized on consumer demand by preparing them into quick take-home meals. With this in mind, Elkay Plastics is preparing to launch a revolutionary family of new products that will take this concept even further. The new products and concept will help Grocery retailers propel their meat, seafood, and produce sales while providing fast, fresh, healthy, and, most importantly, tasty meals that are prepared exactly how the customer likes. Our new products will provide solutions and value that will help grocers grow their sales, differentiate them from competitors, and more effectively market to and build loyalty with shoppers. Stay tuned for more information on this game-changing and unique product soon!