Reduce Costs, Not Performance

Tuf-R® Performance Rated bags provide an economical and simple way for distributors and end users alike to lower their poly bag costs as high 47% without sacrificing performance. Tuf-R® brand bags are made and designed from a unique blend of resin that allows a thinner-gauged bag to achieve the strength, puncture resistance, and performance of a thicker and more expensive bag while even offering superior clarity. Even the thinnest Tuf-R® bag, which is .6 mil, is resilient enough to handle the same jobs otherwise reserved for bags that are 1 mil to 1¼ mil thick. Since we offer them in such a wide variety of sizes for Tuf-R® flat and gusset bags, they can be used to package almost anything from automotive parts, supplies, grains, foods, instruction manuals, to just about anything that will fit in them. Why pay a premium for a full 4 mil thick bag when a 2¾ mil Tuf-R® bag offers the same toughness and rugged performance at a significantly lower price?

In Summary, these bags provide:

  • Excellent strength that matches thicker-gauged bags
  • Crisp clarity due to special resin blend
  • Bottom-sealed to handle the toughest jobs
  • FDA compliant for use with food products
  • Bags 15”  and under are packed in individually-labeled and bar-coded dispenser packs of 100 bags each for convenience, cleanliness, and waste reduction
  • Fully recyclable with standard low density polyethylene (LDPE Recycle Symbol #4)