Family Values at Elkay

Elkay Plastics, the leading US supplier of stock flexible packaging for Foodservice, Grocery, Industrial, and Healthcare markets, started from quiet and humble beginnings. The company was founded in 1968 by Lou and Trudy Kestenbaum, two Holocaust survivors who emigrated from their native Hungary after World War II to escape the ruins of the old world and start with a clean slate in the United States. The Kestenbaums instilled a family-oriented culture and achieved modest success throughout their tenure as owners. In 1990, the Kestenbaums decided to sell Elkay Plastics to Louis Chertkow, who also came from unassuming beginnings, himself growing up on a farm in rural South Africa. Under his leadership and surrounded by a top notch team of executives, managers, and associates, Elkay has expanded from a small local supplier with 1 warehouse in Los Angeles to a national corporation with 8 strategic locations around the US.

Despite the vast expansion, success has not altered Elkay’s original tradition of family and loyalty. Elkay’s employees and loyal customers remain its most valuable assets and are symbolic members of the extended Chertkow family. It seems that many Elkay employees feel the same way, with dozens of them proud to be apart of the family for 10, 20, 30 and even one for 40 years. It is this sense of family and loyalty that motivates them to put in the extra effort for customers and always help to find solutions to grow their businesses. You can be fully confident that, when working with Elkay, you are working with a team of dedicated, driven, and loyal individuals who are fully committed to the success of your business. The family culture at Elkay is one large reason why Elkay is, and always will be, “The Right Partner for YOUR Success”.