The Latest in Healthcare Packaging

While we at Elkay are drawing attention and generating excitement with our new product line of gourmet Cooking bags, we have been hard at work at introducing other interesting product lines as well. One of these new product lines, our new Lab-Loc® specimen bags, are different from most other specimen bags available in the healthcare market. They have bilingual instructions printed in English and Spanish, have an outer pouch to hold accompanying labz810ba (470x640)paperwork, and have a Seal-N-Rip® feature which gives lab technicians quick access to the bags’ contents since the top of the bags can be torn off at the tear line.

In addition to looking clean-cut and stylish, these bags can help save end users money in disposal costs since they feature a special removable biohazard symbol. You see, packaging or materials that come into contact with potentially infectious specimens are required by Federal and State laws to be disposed of in a special, and more costly, waste stream specifically for biological and infectious waste. Any product that has a biohazard symbol printed on it should be disposed of through this special waste stream. If the new Lab-Loc® bag hasn’t come into direct physical contact with its specimen, the biohazard symbol at the top of the bag can be torn off. Since the bag no longer has a printed biohazard symbol, the rest of the bag can be disposed of with general waste, which will help end users save on disposal costs.

Equally as important, all of the new Lab-Loc® bags are manufactured in a Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant country. TAA-compliance provides a decisive advantage when doing business with Federal Government Agencies such as the General Services Administration (GSA), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and Department of Defense (DoD), in addition to their many suppliers and contractors. Last, but not least, these bags are designed for accountability and ease of use in a healthcare environment. All Lab-Loc® bags are packed in clear, individually-labeled and bar-coded dispenser packs that make each bag easy to pull out and trace back to their production run. Our full line of Lab-Loc® bags in their wide variety of sizes, colors, and configurations can be found here.